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Sum it Up #34

Finally, I had some time to make a round around the blawgs for a Sum it Up! It is always a pleasure to see what my friends are blogging about and I frequently end up laughing till the coffee comes out of my nose. Someone who police stories always manages to do that is the […]

Murder at the Farm; who killed Carl Bridgewater?

Murder at the Farm; who killed Carl Bridgewater? We may never know but after reading Paul Foot‘s excellent analysis of the police interrogations, I am sure that none of the Bridgewater Four were involved. Even though the case dates back to 1978, I consider this book to be a classic to study how cases can go […]

Suspect in 1993 Alie Berrelez murder

There is a break in the 1993 murder of Aleszandra Ariel “Alie” Berrelez (Jan 2, 1988 – May 18, 1993). From the Denver Post: “Investigators taking a new look at the unsolved 1993 kidnapping and murder Alie Berrelez (5) matched a DNA sample to a long dead suspect in the case — ending a saga for the […]

Sum it Up! #33

Lots of cold cases are being reviewed in this Sum it Up. The Crewe Murders are going under the loop again but this time by a film crew. Kerry Porter hopes that the results of tests run on carpet fiber will help prove his innocence. He got new hope due to police informant Francois Cunningham’s […]

Christa Miller: What’s so cold about 9/11?

This guest post was written by Christa Miller. Life goes on over 10 years and still the memories remain: the sound of 343 PASS alarms going off underneath the rubble of the Twin Towers; the sight of American flags hung everywhere, from every home on a suburban street to boulders along the highway; the Neil […]

Ten years after September 11

As we approach the ten-year anniversary of September 11, we are flooded with news. There are new threats. We see articles contemplating the threats from within and there are plenty of books out there about the ancient old divide “us versus them.” Amidst all those articles, I wanted to shed light on something that means a […]

Vidocq presents Christa Miller!

Meet Christa M. Miller who has worked with the law enforcement community for close to 20 years. As a freelance writer, she has written articles for Law Enforcement Technology, Police & Security News, The Informant, Digital Forensics Magazine, and Law Officer on topics ranging from public information and communications, interoperability, and high tech crimes. Now a public […]

Update Murder Trial for Trey Noah

There isn’t going to be any movement in the murder trial for Trey Noah any time soon. Shelby Moore and Brandon Harber are charged  with first-degree felony murder as well as tampering with physical evidence, a second-degree felony. They were both arrested in June 2010 and are now released on bond. From the Blanco News: […]