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Bernard Jackson sentenced today

Bernard Jackson was sentenced today. He received 18 consecutive life sentences for rapes committed in the Waldo and Armour Hills neighborhoods almost 30 years ago. No trial date has yet been set for Jackson’s other unresolved criminal cases. Prosecutors accused him of two more recent sexual assaults in the Waldo area. The Case Jackson is […]

Adam has been identified

“The five-year-old’s identity has remained a mystery after he was smuggled into Britain and murdered in a voodoo-style ritual killing. He was drugged with a ‘black-magic’ potion and sacrificed before being thrown into the Thames, where his torso washed up next to the Globe Theatre in September 2001.  Detailed analysis of a substance in the boy’s […]

Guest post on Corruption

This guest post on Corruption is from David Russell. David is a corrections officer for a state correctional facility. He has worked for the state for many years. You can follow David on Twitter. ** “The purpose of this post is to give an idea of what prison life is like on a day-to-day basis. I intend […]

About the Troy Davis Execution

Last night, I too was watching the news to see if Troy Davis would get executed or not. The case is discussed online on various places and blogs. So why this post? Because something irritated me. People forgot that we have a separation of powers. People asked some to do what they could not because they […]

No more Zeigler posts?

Some of you have emailed me asking why I have stopped posting about the William Thomas Zeigler case. Am I now convinced that he is guilty? Am I bored with the case? Am I in a clinch with the defense team? No to all the above. I have tried to show why I believe that Zeigler never had […]

Recap #CCLiveChat Sept 16, 2011

A fascinating CCLiveChat with Detective Ken Lang. No matter what technical difficulty presented itself, the chatters have proven to be one heck of a team! We made sure all our tweets could be read on Twitter, TweetChat, TweetDeck and beyond even if those programs did not cooperate with us! So let me thank here: Miriam Said, […]