Willeke Dost: new excavation planned

UPDATE NOV 12, 2018: nothing was found. ____ Dutch police made the following announcement: “The Drenthe police are launching a new search for Willeke Dost, a then 15-year-old girl who disappeared from her foster parents’ farm in Koekange in 1992. The police will dig in an area near the farm where witnesses say they saw […]

Willeke Dost: the latest

The Ducth prosecution announced the foster parents of Willeke Dost are no longer suspects. The court in the city of Assen had told the prosecution that if they wanted to prosecute the foster mother and foster brother, it had to do so before Jan 1, 2012. Right now there does not seem to be enough evidence against […]

Willeke Dost: no results yet

Dutch police have been digging behind the farm where they were hoping to find the remains of Willeke Dost. However, nothing has been found. The police indicated that they have not changed their minds on who the main suspects are. In 1992, the theory was that most likely Willeke had run away but now police think that […]

Willeke Dost: search continues

The search for Willeke Dost will continue. Police will start digging into an area behind the farm however, they are tight lipped and will not indicate when or why exactly that spot has been chosen to search for possible remains. Willeke Dost was only 15 years old when she went missing. Now, she is presumed […]

Willeke Dost: foster mother and brother released

The woman and man arrested in the Willeke Dost case have been released. Herna Mulder was the foster mother and Bart is her son. Willeke Dost lived with the Mulder family before she disappeared in 1992. There is no evidence so far that they are responsible for Willeke’s death but they remain suspects in this […]

Willeke Dost: no remains found

So far, police has not been able to find any human remains around the Koekange Farm from the Mulder family in the Netherlands, where Willeke Dost lived until she disappeared in 1992. This does not mean that the investigation is over but merely, that another strategy is being considered. On January 15, 1992, Willeke Dost (15) left […]