Update Patty Vaughan

Patty Vaughan is missing since Christmas Eve 1996 but presumed dead. Now police are digging in Adkins, Wilson County, TX. Unfortunately nothing was found.  From San Antonio News: “This is the one place Patty Vaughan‘s family says was never fully searched since she disappeared, her home. The Texas Rangers are in charge of the dig but we […]

Texas Bexar County Cold Case Unit disbanded

Texas Bexar County Cold Case Unit disbanded is a set back for the families of Patty Vaughan and Tracy Allen. In My San Antonio (link has been disabled) Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau said that the two-person cold case unit is being disbanded and the office’s 120 unsolved murder cases will be divvied up among investigators starting […]

Tracy Allen & Patty Vaughan

Tracy Allen & Patty Vaughan are just two cold cases handled by the Texas Bexar County Sheriff’s Office but they can use your help in two cases: Tracy Allen In 1986, Tracy Allen (18) was found dead in Hondo Creek, Texas. Cause of death: strangulation. She went missing September 9 and was found on September 13, […]