The new IACHR report on the Highway of Tears

The new IACHR report on the Highway of Tears can be found here. It “is just one more reason for a national inquiry, said Prince George lawyer Mavis Erickson of the international body’s report. “It’s such a dismal picture, but I think that the Inter-American Commission has done a good job in bringing the issues […]

Tamara Chipman: Highway of Tears disappearance

On the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Tamara Chipman, one of many women to go missing along B.C.’s “Highway of Tears, Canada,” police are pleading for help from the public. Tamara Chipman, 22, was last seen on Sept. 21, 2005, five kilometres east of Prince Rupert. She was hitchhiking to Terrace along Highway 16 — on […]

Highway of Tears Revisited

It is called: the Highway of Tears. Why? Because at least 18 women, many of them native, have disappeared from or have been found murdered along B.C. highways over the past 40 years. And there is still no progress in these cases. In “Cold Case Re-Investigations For All!” you can read about the fears that […]

E-Pana and cold case re-investigations

In my post “Cold Case Re-Investigations for All” I might have given you the idea that there is discrimination going on in the E-Pana a.k.a. “Highway of Tears” investigations. While plowing through other articles, I found this one by Neal Hall from the Vancouver Sun. It describes the cold case re-investigations being done at this moment. […]