Recap cclivechat March 25, 2011

A roller coaster CCLiveChat that went on for 90 minutes if we had not been called back to our daily duties! We started of with my request for help. There are cases were I could use help researching a cold case, post an introduction to the case, and then keep the case up to date. […]

DNA fails unidentified WWI soldiers

Family members of the WWII soldiers thought to have been killed in the 1916 battle of Fromelles gave DNA samples after the bodies were exhumed last year. But it has not been possible to identify all the 250 Allied soldiers found buried in the mass grave. It has only been possible to say that three […]

Identifying the Lost Soldiers of Fromelles

Identifying the Lost Soldiers of Fromelles is a great BBC Magazine article on another use of DNA: to identify the remains of World War I soldiers found in mass graves in France. “The remains of 250 British and Australian soldiers had lain undiscovered for 93 years since falling on the Western Front.Boots, purses, toothbrushes and […]