Brittney Nicole Wood

If you only Google the name “Brittney Nicole Wood” you will find a story that is too hard to believe. It involves multiple family members, some mature adults and some juveniles, engaged in consensual and non-consensual group sex with or without drugs involved. It involves rape, sodomy, and other forms of sexually deprived behaviour that […]

Do you recognize this child?

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies need your help to identify this child. Her skeletal remains were found on January 28, 2012 at a trailer park on Hurst Street, Opelika, Lee County, Alabama. The authorities think that she was between 4-7 years old. Please take a look to see if you recognize this child. This little girl probably […]

Kimberly Arrington on Nancy Grace tonight

One of the cases featured on Nancy Grace tonight is the 1998 disappearance of Kimberly Arrington, Montgomery, Alabama. The photograph below shows computerized age progression into adulthood. “Kimberly, as her father describes as “a good girl”, was last seen leaving her family’s home around 5pm on October 30, 1998. It was just a few blocks to […]

FBI’s Cold Case Initiative investigating 1965 murder of Rev. James Reeb

The FBI’s Cold Case Initiative is investigating the 46-year-old case of James Reeb, a Massachusetts minister who was beaten to death in Alabama while doing civil rights work, a spokesman said Friday. The FBI launched an initiative in 2007 to investigate unsolved murders from the civil rights era. A spokesman with the agency, Chris Allen, said […]

Wood v. Allen, 08-9156 upheld

Wood v. Allen, 08-9156 upheld: the US Supreme Court, in a 7-2 vote, refused to overturn the death sentence of Holly Wood who was convicted in the 1993 murder of his former girlfriend, Ruby Lois Gosha. She was killed by a shotgun blast to her head as she slept in her home in Troy, Ala. At […]

Kimberly Arrington

Kimberly Arrington was just 16 years old when she disappeared but she has not been forgotten. Her father still waits for her to come home. Her sister has named her child after her. You can find more information about this case including age progression photography here and at Missing Kids, and on this page. If […]