Oronoque Rd John Doe

Oronoque Rd John Doe Milford Police in Connecticut is asking for your help to identify this man. I have named him Oronoque Rd John Doe as this was where the unidentified man was found in August 21, 1992.

Milford Police Detective Mitchell Warwick told News8 the following: on August 21,1992 two pedestrians found skeletal remains wrapped in a blanket across the street from train tracks not far from the Housatonic River.

The state medical examiner said that the unidentified man was shot twice in the head. The article does not state the caliber or the side of the head. It also doesn’t specify whether the man had any other trauma. The man’s DNA showed him to be of Asian heritage, between 18-25 years old, and between 5’3 to 5’6 inches tall.

They determined the victim had probably been in that area up to 1 or 2 months prior,” said Warwick. “The investigators ran down many leads, all ended in dead ends.” With the help of a forensic artist a 3D skull reconstruction was made in hopes that if people see it, they will recognize the man.

Milford Police also hopes to solve another cold case from the same area on Oronoque Road. This one is from March 1994. Milford Public Works employees saw a green military style duffel bag down a bank along the Housatonic River.

Police found inside a male torso that was wrapped in plastic bags and in a motel-style comforter. The head, arms and legs were missing and never found. A piece of the chest was cut out in what police believe was a way to remove a tattoo or mark that would identify the victim. This victim is of Hispanic heritage, between 20-27 years old, approx. 5’5 inches tall, and weighing 120-130 pounds.

Det. Warwick is not ruling out a connection between the cold cases but “the manner and means of which the men were killed and their bodies disposed show significant differences.

If you have any information please contact Detective Mitchell Warwick at [email protected] or call (203) 878-6551.