New details in Bastian-Welch murders


Jennifer Bastian (L) and Michella Welch (R)

New details in the Bastian-Welch murders have been disclosed in an renewed attempt to solve these cold cases.

Last Thursday, Tacoma Police explained that they do not believe anymore that the same man is responsible for both girls’ murders.

From the News Tribune: “There are two separate suspects for two separate cases,” police spokeswoman Loretta Cool said.”

And a crucial piece to the puzzle: “DNA from the killers hasn’t matched any of the 11 million or so DNA profiles in a national database of felons.”

The article included details that differ from the stories previously posted. Maybe I had not seen it before but the way both girls died differs.

  • Michella Welch died from a cut to the neck.
  • Jennifer Bastian died from strangulation. This new article did not state whether the strangulation was manual or with an object.

These details still seem to be the same:

  1. both girls were sexually assaulted
  2. their bodies were left in similar positions
  3. each girl had her clothes disturbed in a similar way
  4. both were blond and bright-eyed
  5. neither case has been solved despite DNA

If you have any information about the Bastian-Welch cases call the Tacoma police at 253-591-5968.


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