A Detailed Man by David Swinson

When I finished reading “A Detailed Man,” my first reaction was a sigh of relief that David Swinson is no longer a cop. You see, the last thing that you want to happen to your friends is that they become “damaged.”

David Swinson‘s first book introduces you to a cop who is damaged, literally and figuratively. Struck by Bell’s Palsy, the outward appearance of DC Police Detective Ezra Simeon starts to mimic his soul. Damaged to the core, trust destroyed and ever sceptical, Ezra now cringes when he sees his own image in the mirror. However, deep inside he knows that’s exactly what his heart looks like.

Betrayed by most likely the love of his life, Ezra has never been able to connect with another woman again. Not even when a gem like Clem is sitting across from him. The toll that his work has taken on him shows and he does not do much to improve his health or his situation.

What seems to kick a change into motion is a combination of the ultimate police heart beating stronger after he senses he can still fulfill a purpose. However, following your instincts while the rest and especially your supervisors do not see the case like you do, is hard. But he does not give up and what develops before your eyes is a crime noir that gets tangled with a cold case.

Two men are at the center of Simeon’s attention: William Bergine and Daniel Emmerich. Both from “damaged” homes, William and Daniel are childhood friends who became like family. But not a healthy family and as the story unfolds you see how each has a twisted mind of their own.

During the course of the story, cops die, good people disappear, and you get to know Grim and his cousin.

A detailed Man” describes the thoughts and life of a cop in detail and pictures for you the route a cop needs to take before the case can be closed. The book is well written. If this is Swinson’s first book, it is clear that he has a great future as a writer.

Highly recommended reading!


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