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Who killed Alexander Harris?

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Alexander Harris’ murder. There are no new leads in this child’s case. There is a story to tell though. Every time we take an exonerated person out of the crime equation we could face a cold case if there are no new leads. This is what happened in the Alexander […]

Zeigler denied request to proceed in forma pauperis

William Thomas Zeigler had filed a motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis on Sept 5, 2017. In plain English, he asked the United States Supreme Court for permission to continue his trial proceedings as an indigent person meaning that fees normally associated with a lawsuit or appeal be waived. This request was denied Nov […]

Remember Tatman and Burchfield

The weekend of November 25 and 26, 2017 mark the 50th and 64th anniversaries of two police officers featured on this blog: Robert Lawrence Tatman and Richard Stanley Burchfield. Both Tatman and Burchfield were killed in the line of duty. Both were shot. Both were young husbands. Both were young fathers. Robert Lawrence Tatman Champaign […]

Daniel K. Wood, Jr. (Oct. 30, 1941 – Jul. 23, 1954)

UPDATE: thanks to one of my readers I can now post a real picture of Daniel and add his full name: Daniel Kenneth Wood. This picture on the left comes from the 1959-1960 Pennell Institute high school yearbook. His former classmates made a memorial page in what would have been his senior year. ____________________ The […]

Where is Douglas Charles Chapman?

Douglas Charles Chapman (Feb 5, 1968 – June 2, 1971 date missing) was last seen around 1030am while he was playing in a sand pile in the garden of his parental home in Alfred, York County, Maine. His mother was inside the home on the phone. Dad was at work. Doug is a white male […]

Harris County Deputy Sheriff Edward “Edd”Williams

UPDATE: thanks to one of my Twitter followers I have information to add to the case. I am still working on getting sharp screenshots from old newspaper articles. Many papers have their archives hidden behind a pay wall, alas. But here is the text: Harris County Deputy Sheriff Edward “Edd”Williams was off duty when he […]