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Recap #CrimeChat Nov 11, 2013

Recap #CrimeChat Nov 11, 2013 with private investigator Virginia Braden on the Otha Young Jr case. On October 10, 1996, Otha had been hospitalized. Against medical advice and his family’s wishes, Otha left the hospital. He traveled north on I75 towards Ohio. He was stopped by law enforcement. When they saw that Otha did not […]

Are you a blogger?

Are you a blogger? Do you like to read blogs? If so, get excited: the first ever NRV Bloggers Convention is in the making! Creative brain: Alice de Sturler, true crime blogger and owner of Defrosting Cold Cases Partner: Lisa Bleakley, the ‎Executive Director of Tourism at Montgomery County/Christiansburg/Blacksburg, VA Are you a local blogger […]

Jacobs scheduled for Plea Hearing

Nicholas Jacobs appeared for a Plea and Case Management Hearing  at the Old Bailey. He is charged with the murder of Pc Keith Blakelock who was butchered during the Broadwater Farm Riots in 1985. Pc Blakelock and his colleague Pc Richard Coombes were attacked during the Broadwater Farm riots in Tottenham in 1985. Coombes  was seriously […]

The Yard by Alex Grecian

The Yard by Alex Grecian really shows you how book characters evolve. People pick up the courage to talk. New police officers who made tactical mistakes in the beginning get their act together and with team work finally solve the crime. A child perseveres despite torturous treatment and miraculously never loses trust in the general […]

Case of the Month: Josephine Backshall

Case of the Month: Josephine Backshall (39) who was last seen at about 6pm on Tuesday October 29, 1974, when she left her home to keep an appointment in Witham, Essex, UK. She was found dead Nov 1, 1974. Today marks the 39th anniversary of her unsolved murder. Josephine Backshall left three children: Christopher, Sarah, and Emma. Her […]