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WorldSkills: Inspiring the Next Generation

WorldSkills: Inspiring the Next Generation, a guest post by Sue Carney! Last week I took part in an event that proved to have massive impact, not only on me, but on the others taking part, the organisers and all those observing, and there were about 100 thousand of them. My involvement began in the cells […]

On Memories, Family, and Thanksgiving

On Memories, Family, and Thanksgiving is a post I did not intend to write. I did not intend to blog today at all however, last night this blog popped up in my head. I have not been able to shake it so I guess it needs to be written. The Holiday Season is here and […]

ABA Top 100 Blawgs

ABA Top 100 Blawgs for 2013 and … I have been nominated!!! Thank you to the reader(s) who nominated my blog! Here I am on the nominee’s list: “Defrosting Cold Cases NEW If there’s a dog-eared manuscript to a legal thriller gathering dust in your back drawer, wipe that sucker off and turn to cold-case […]

3 Tips for Cold Case Blogging

3 Tips for Cold Case Blogging that will give you unique content. I follow these three simple steps every time I decide to blog about an unsolved homicide. Here they are: 1: I extent every case search to several search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Firefox, Yahoo, and Bing aside from Google. Search results differ and […]

Zeigler: Appeal Denied

Zeigler: Appeal Denied by the Florida Supreme Court last Nov 13, 2013. Here is the decision in pdf format: The newly discovered evidence hinged on the false arrest report by Det. Frye. It is discussed here. What are the consequences of the false arrest report and the lies told by Detective Frye under oath? We […]

Sum it Up! #46

Sum it Up! #46 is a life-saver today because I am swamped. My editorial calendar was heavily neglected this week. All kinds of post ideas popped up that were not planned. Hehe, back to blogging free style for me! Great news from Jared Bradley, the Colorado Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office is the latest to join […]