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Wonderful Writers Wednesday!

Wonderful Writers Wednesday! Such a wonderful experience in an unusual setting. Last evening I was the speaker in the last of the Roanoke Writers Series. Their classes now take a break for the months of November and December. They go back in full swing in January with the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference at Hollins University. […]

See you at the Roanoke Writers Series on Wednesday

See you at the Roanoke Writers Series on Wednesday for an evening class about cold case blogging. The class is from 630-8pm on Wednesday, Oct 16, at the Roanoke Community High School. I will be in the Liminal Hall. This will be the last class of the year before the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference Jan […]

Sum it Up! #44

Sum it Up! #44 is completely dedicated to cold cases. First of all, Conrado Juarez, cousin of the child who was known as Baby Hope, has been arrested in the child’s cold case. The child’s name: Angelica Castillo and she was only four when she was murdered. Juarez admitted to the crime. Charges are still […]

Henry IV and Louis XVI Lacked Royal Blood

Henry IV and Louis XVI lacked Royal Blood according to DNA testing done on the head that was believed to be from King Henry IV. The Telegraph reports that “It’s “impossible” that the head belongs to Henri IV, said Jean-Jacques Cassiman, an emeritus professor at the University of Leuven, one of the authors of the […]

Texas Bexar County Cold Case Unit disbanded

Texas Bexar County Cold Case Unit disbanded is a set back for the families of Patty Vaughan and Tracy Allen. In My San Antonio (link has been disabled) Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau said that the two-person cold case unit is being disbanded and the office’s 120 unsolved murder cases will be divvied up among investigators starting […]

Sum it Up! #43

Sum it Up! #43 with a short summary of some posts I saw and really like: the Science Daily reports that a 200 year cold case has been solved. A stone head that was found in a Chichester flowerbed 200 years ago has been identified as the head of Roman Emperor Trajan. Trajan was Roman […]

Startup Workshop VTCRC

Startup Workshop VTCRC. Yesterday, I attended a startup workshop with Jim Flowers, the executive director of VT KnowledgeWorks. In this workshop, Jim spoke about the strategic essences  of business concepts (it has to suit you), tightened up on managerial focus, and reviewed the overall business start-up process. I learned a lot in a few hours. […]

10Qs for Brenda Sorrels

10Qs for Brenda Sorrels. Brenda loves to write short stories set in the Midwest of the USA. Having lived there, I get that. At the moment, Brenda is very busy writing a second book. However, she did have time for these few questions. Questions: 1. When you started to write your first book did you […]