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Sum it Up! #41

Sum it Up! #41 from my desk in the sun room where the view is … nothing but rain! A big THANK YOU to many Missouri papers for posting this past weekend about the 40th anniversary of Teresa’s murder. Many mentioned the FB memorial page that Michall Holmes made and my blog was mentioned as […]

New developments Beaumont Children

New developments in the cold case of the missing Beaumont Children. There is a new book out entitled “The Satin Man.” This book, written by Alan Whiticker explores the possibility that the Beaumont Children were at one point near a man with an alleged sinister background. One of the sons of South Australian captain of industry Harry […]

Book Review: A Case for Solomon

Book Review: A Case for Solomon. A book about Bobby Dunbar and “the kidnapping that haunted a nation.” This book by Tal McThenia and Margaret Dunbar Cutright came out in 2012 and there are many reviews of this book online. Why add mine? I have mixed feelings about this book. A lot of people said this book centered […]

In loving memory: Teresa Sue Hilt

In loving memory: Teresa Sue Hilt. Today, Sunday August 4th, 2013, marks the 40th anniversary of Teresa‘s murder. A few days ago, I spoke to her mother. Teresa’s mom is 86 years old now and hurts every day for the loss of her only child. She lost her husband Stanley years ago. He was never […]