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10Qs for Jill Paterson

10Qs for Jill Paterson. I met Jill during our Blog Tour de Troops in November 2011. During the Memorial Weekend, authors made free ebooks available to our service men and women. The Tour was a collaboration between authors and bloggers. The bloggers posted book reviews and the authors donated their works. All readers benefited from […]

Recap #CrimeChat Aug 26, 2013 with David Swinson

Recap #CrimeChat Aug 26, 2013 with David Swinson. This hour combined being a cop with promoting rock punk while jotting down ideas for books. We found out that all along David wanted to be a writer. Thinking he’d get a couple of good stories working for a while as a cop … well, he became […]

Alfred Moore; first impressions

As you know, Pam alerted me to the Alfred Moore campaign to have this case, a wrongful conviction, examined again. I have done some checking on the web, found the eBook by Steve Lawson, and have started mulling this case over. Those familiar with my blog know that my first take on a case usually […]

10Qs for David Swinson

David Swinson kicks off a new interview series geared towards authors and explores their work and vision. David’s career has taken him from promoting punk rock to stakeouts in law enforcement. Now he writes. His first book was “A Detailed Man” and coming soon is part II in the Ezra Simeon series “A Confidential Life.” So before […]

CT Supreme Court hears Lapointe case Sept 17, 2013

CT Supreme Court hears Lapointe case Sept 17, 2013. This fantastic news came from the Bellingham Herald. Almost a year ago, I posted that Richard Lapointe was going to get a new trial. In a stunning decision, the state Appellate Court Monday ordered a new trial for Richard Lapointe, a mentally disabled dishwasher convicted of […]

Case of the Month: Teresa Sue Hilt

Case of the Month: Teresa Sue Hilt for August. This is a new feature on my blog. I will highlight one case in the green menu bar in hopes to get people talking about is again. The first is dedicated to Teresa Sue Hilt. August 4th, 2013, marks the 40th anniversary of Teresa‘s murder. Mrs. […]