Update Jimmy Stanaway

Jimmy Stanaway with his sister Donna (courtesy Stanaway family)

Jimmy Stanaway with his sister Donna (courtesy Stanaway family)

Jimmy Stanaway’s family has sent me a picture that I may use on my blog from Jimmy with his sister Donna.

Jimmy Stanaway was born on Dec 5 in 1966. Everyone knew his simply as “Jimmy.” This nickname was also his well-known signature which became the feature on his headstone. Jimmy was the manager of a clothing store in Jersey City. He attended Woodbridge High School and graduated in 1984. He was young and full of hopes and dreams.

In 1990, he was found butchered to death in his New Jersey apartment. The robbery gone wrong scenario was suspected however too many valuable items were still untouched in the apartment. Some newspapers stated he was beaten to death but others claim that Jimmy was beaten and then stabbed to death.

Despite actions from friends and family, the case remains unsolved.

His family and friends like to know what really happened to him. If you have any links to newspaper articles please contact me. Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office’s Homicide Squad at (201) 915-1345.

Thank you to the Stanaway Family for allowing me to use this photograph.