Update Albert Ray McQueen

Albert Ray McQueen's grave, courtesy of his family

Albert Ray McQueen’s grave, courtesy of his family

Update Albert Ray McQueen was made possible after emails with his family. I quote:

Albert was missing for a year before his bones were found in 1980.

Two siblings went up to the gorge and they are the ones who found his glasses and a piece of his vertebrae that the police missed.

He was not court committed. He agreed to go because the family said they would have him committed if he didn’t. However, since he had left during other stays the family had been assured they would be called if he left.

He was probably hitchhiking to get back home to Holmes Mill.”

Albert Ray McQueen went missing on May 2, 1979, six weeks after entering Eastern State Hospital, a Kentucky mental institution.

His remains were found in the Red River Gorge in Clay City, Kentucky, a year later. He was shot in the back of his head. He then either fell into or was pushed into the gorge.

McQueen was identified by his glasses, dental records, and a hospital jacket that had the name “Eastern State Hospital” on the back.

Albert Ray McQueen was born on December 3, 1955.  His last place of residence was Holmes Mill, Harlan, Kentucky.

Aside from the article that I previously linked to there is very little online about this case. Should you have any links to newspaper articles or if you have memories about Albert, please let me know so we can add them to this post.

With deepest sympathy and gratitude to the McQueen family.