Andy Moore (April 25, 1974 – Sept 9, 2000)

Andy Moore/San Diego Union Tribune

Andy Moore/San Diego Union Tribune

The parents of Andy Moore want answers. They hope that talking about the circumstances of their son’s death and offering a large reward will prompt someone who knows something to come forward.

Andy was murdered in his studio apartment on the corner of Ash and 8th Avenue in downtown San Diego, California, USA. Police believe that Andy was killed on Sept. 9, 2000. His uncle discovered his body when he stopped by two days later. He was concerned because Andy had not reported to work and did not answer his phone.

Andy was a chef at a local restaurant and a full-time student at San Diego City College. He was last seen alive on Saturday evening, September 9, 2000, inside his apartment. Andy was entertaining a group of visitors, two women and a man, whose identities are unknown. Several days later, he was found dead inside his apartment.

A set of expensive Russell culinary knives was missing from his apartment. Also missing was his red 1994 Suzuki Katana motorcycle. The motorcycle was recovered a month after the murder. It was parked at 24th & ‘C’ Streets in Golden Hill. It is likely that the suspect(s) kept the motorcycle and continued to ride it for several weeks after the murder.

Investigators want to find and talk to the man and two women who visited Andy Moore that Saturday night. Investigators are also interested in a black man and a white woman driving a white Volkswagen Rabbit or similar white sub-compact car. They are persons of interest in the investigation.

A $56,000 reward is available for information that helps solve this case. If you have any information contact San Diego Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-888-580-8477.


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