The 1985 cold case of Lisa Cay Kroeyr

Lisa Cay Kroeyr

Lisa Cay Kroeyr

Lisa Cay Kroeyr (22) from Saginaw, Michigan, was found drowned, partially clothed, and her hands were bound before she died.

Two divers from the Saginaw Area Water Rescue and Recovery Team pulled Lisa’s body from the river. She was floating face-down about 100 feet south of the bridge.

Lisa was dressed from the waist up in a light/tan colored top pulled up to the chest, diver David Strickland said. “It didn’t look like she was caught on anything or hung up. Police have been unable to explain the missing clothing and are continuing their investigation. The body was just floating,” Strickland said, adding there appeared to be no “major” wounds on the body.

Saginaw Police Department Detective Pat Rudy said that Lisa Cay Kroeyr was last seen leaving Trapper’s Eatery and Saloon, at 240 W. Genesee, Friday night, August 30, 1985.

If you have any information about this case please contact the Saginaw Crime Stoppers line at 1-800-422-Jail.

Update: Jack Howard Reinhardt (27) was arraigned on first-degree premeditated homicide charges in connection with Kroeyr’s death. However, I have not found anything else about this case. If you know what happened please contact me. Should you have any links with more information about this case, please let me know. As soon as I get more information, I will update this post.