Thank you

A word of thanks to my readers

Without you this would just be another blog with ramblings of …. well, me. But because you read it regularly, comment and brainstorm with me, you did more. You helped to give these old unsolved homicides renewed media attention. In doing so, you gave comfort to the victims’ families who saw that their loved ones were not forgotten. And with that, you told them that they are not alone.

An angel collapsed over a coffin, crying.

Grieving Angel

2012 is coming to an end and brings us one of the darkest Holiday Season’s ever.

The pain some of us had to endure this year is inhumane.

I do not have enough wisdom to post the right words of comfort for those families.

While browsing through my library, I came across some books about one of the few men in power who actually made sense to me: Albino Luciani. You may know him better as Pope John Paul I.

We all have the duty of working to make the world a place of greater justice, more stable peace, more sincere cooperation.”  This was part of his first radio message to the world on August 27, 1978. On another occasion, he said: “And don’t be satisfied when your listeners are convinced: once they are convinced, they must act, they must act!

Let’s make that our resolution for 2013.