ReInvent Law London 2013

ReInvent Law London 2013 … I had never heard of this series of crowd-sourcing conferences until Brian Inkster told me about it. And he dropped the hint that I might want to go. I read up online what the conference was about. “we believe lawyers can change the world but to change the world we […]

Open letter from M. Holmes re Tess Hilt

Open letter from M. Holmes re Tess Hilt. Michall has been very active in trying to get justice for Tess. This letter, printed with his permission, is an update about the case. Open letter from M. Holmes: “Hi V, It is almost 11 months ago since we began to defrost Tess’ case. Tess was brutally murdered […]

Thanks for the ridicule

The Kansas City Star has posted an article about the cold case of Teresa Sue Hilt. The article is written by Lisa Gutierrez who describes the case and the work Michall Holmes has put into it. She even placed the link to the FB tribute page he made in the article. So far so good. Sadly, […]

Renewed media attention for Teresa Sue Hilt

Renewed media attention for Teresa Sue Hilt. We did it! There is again a buzz in Tess’ cold case! Before my postings, Tess did not have any Internet presence. Her case was in newspaper articles but they did not feature on any website or blog. All that has changed. Not only did Tess get a […]

Update Teresa Sue Hilt

This newspaper article from August 14, 1974 was sent to me and it contains information about the crime scene re Teresa Sue Hilt that will make Sue jump up and down across the pond! Hair particles found at the crime scene showed the one who left that hair had a rare scalp disease that makes […]

What’s bothering me in Teresa Sue Hilt’s cold case

What’s bothering me in Teresa Sue Hilt’s cold case? A lot bothers me in her case so this is a brainstorming session to get things clear in my mind: 1: Tess’ travel checks were found in the parking lot and her billfold was found near the rail tracks, both to the south of the apartment complex. […]