Suzanne Bombardier in SF Chronicle

The SF Chronicle posts the story of  Suzanne Bombardier that was written by guest blogger Jennifer Gibbons for DCC. Suzie’s story was Case of the Month in June 2014. In 2013, Jennifer was visiting her grandparents’ grave. She saw Suzie’s headstone and was curious. Suzie died one month before her grandmother. On Friday June 27, 1980, the nude […]

How to use the library to research cold cases

How to use the library to research cold cases when you wish to help solve a cold case. That is a question I asked Jennifer Gibbons. Jennifer is exploring the case of Susanne Bombardier and generously offered to share with my readers how she uses public libraries for this project. ___________________________ Doing research on cold […]

Case of the Month: Suzanne A. Bombardier

The Case of the Month for June features Suzanne A. Bombardier. It is written by guest blogger Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons. UPDATE: on Jan 2, 2015 the award-winning magazine Salon featured this case, Jennifer’s story, and links back to this post. Please check below for more the updates. ** In June 21, 1980 Suzanne (known to everyone […]