Case of the Month: Fiona Burns and John Lee

Fiona Burns and John Lee were friends. Their story is written by guest blogger and Australian journalist/author Emily Webb. Theirs is the Case of the Month. ** They were young and rebellious and living a life of what they thought was freedom. John Lee (14) and Fiona Burns (15) were hitchhiking across the South Australian-Victorian […]

Murder in Suburbia

Murder in Suburbia by Emily Webb is as the subtitle suggests really disturbing. We all feel safe in our neck of the woods. Webb shows us some cases from Australia’s dark heart. Be prepared to see your burb differently after you are done reading. Webb discusses 28 chilling cases. Two highlights here below: If only […]

Sum it Up! #42

This Sum it Up was about great blog posts. Paul Cutler‘s “A Barrister’s Blog” got voted most favourite Australian legal blog on the blog from the Separovic Injury Lawyers. Congrats to Paul! Suzie Ivie had an interesting MJ weekend and I do not mean that’s she was moonwalking her thriller beat. No, she was at […]