“Little Miss Nobody”

“Little Miss Nobody” is still without her name by Silvia Pettem© Several years ago, while working with my local sheriff’s office on the case of “Boulder Jane Doe” (a then-unidentified murder victim from 1954), my research led me to Prescott, Arizona. There, I came across the case of an unidentified little girl whose likely murdered […]

Who killed Juan Antonio Espinosa?

The Arizona Daily Star published an appeal for help in the 1996 shooting of Juan Antonio Espinosa. “The 19-year-old construction worker and his friend went cruising on June 23, 1996. Around 10 p.m., the friend pulled his 1986 Cadillac into the parking lot of a Checker Auto Parts store on South Sixth Avenue to make a U-turn […]

Update Amber Nicklas Case

Amber Nicklas remains in protective custody in Los Angeles and it was not clear if she will be reunited with her foster parents. Authorities have not released any names or filed any charges but continue to investigate. “This girl was taken away from the only parents and family that she knows yesterday,” said Phoenix police […]