Suzanne Bombardier: Bacom faces judge

Suzanne Bombardier

Suzanne Bombardier

Update in the Suzanne Bombardier case: Mitchell Lynn Bacom did not enter a plea and waived his right to a speedy trial. Public Defender Brooks Osborne argued his office needs more time to get attorneys assigned to the case and for them to review the evidence against Bacom. This will all take time.

The East Bay Times reports that is was “new advances in DNA profiling that allowed forensic experts to use a small, degraded sample that police recovered 37 years ago.” That sample matched Bacom. Very early on, Mitchell Lynn Bacom was a prime suspect.

Now the connection between Bacom and the Bombardier family is known. According to SF Gate, “Bacom had shown interest in Suzanne’s sister, Stephanie, and had brought her flowers and candy in an attempt to woo her. But Stephanie did not reciprocate his feelings” said Ronnie Rackley, a retired Antioch police officer and an investigator on the case in 1980.

On the night of Suzanne’s disappearance, Bacom and Stephanie had plans to meet, but Stephanie blew him off. Rackley said he and Glod suspect that Bacom showed up anyway and when he couldn’t find Stephanie, he decided, “Suzanne will do.”

On June 21, 1980, Suzanne Bombardier went missing from Antioch, California. On June 27th, her nude body was found in the nearby San Joaquin river. The gold necklace she wore was missing. Suzie died from one stab wound to the heart.

Since the case is eligible for the death penalty, no bail was set. Bacom’s arraignment was rescheduled for Jan. 18, 2018.