Samantha Angela Ainsworth (Dec 2, 1969 – found Dec 3, 1985)

Photograph Terri Lynn Ainsworth Parks

Photograph Terri Lynn Ainsworth Parks

Samantha Angela Ainsworth’s remains were found in a shallow grave on March 11, 1987. She was last seen walking north towards Nellis Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada. I am not sure about the date.

Samantha was found by dirt bike riders near Sunrise Mountain, Las Vegas, Nevada on March 11, 1987.

There is very little online about this case. This is from InstaMemorials:

From the family of Samantha Ainsworth:

Today, March 11, 2017 is the 30th anniversary of Samantha being found. Her remains were found in a shallow grave by some guys riding dirt bikes on Sunrise Mountain in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She was found 14 months after she was kidnapped and one day after her 16th birthday.

She is still missed every day and her loved ones wishes she was still here. They know she would have accomplished so much in her life.

No one was ever charged in her murder.”

Samantha’s date of death on her grave is listed as Dec 3, 1985. That is the day of her kidnapping. Is that the same date that she went missing? I have not been able to find any clear timeline in this case.

Samantha Angela Ainsworth /InstaMemorials


The hardest part is of course the last: no one was ever charged in her murder.

Who kidnapped this teenager and why? Was anything else found in that shallow grave that can be tested with modern technology?

What did the autopsy say about her cause of death or any other injuries? Are we sure it was murder and not an accidental death?

I cannot find any information about her kidnapping or, the day that she was found. There may have been newspaper reports however, not that I see in the public domain. There may be some articles behind paywalls.

If you have any newspaper articles or links to magazine pieces about Samantha’s case please contact me. We need to update this post. Samantha deserves to have her case solved.

Rest in peace, Samantha Angela Ainsworth.