Recap #CrimeChat Dec 6, 2014

Alfred Moore case, first impressionsRecap #CrimeChat Dec 6, 2014 with Sue Carney about the Alfred Moore case. Sue and I did not follow any chronological order to discuss the case. We went from first impressions to every detail that bothered us. As you can imagine, the hour flew by and … we are left with more questions!

Some of the main things that bother us in this case:

Jagger’s position when he was shot. It was not considered that he might have leaned over a low wall (bending at the hips) because he heard a noise. His wounds do correspond with someone sitting down but at the same time, he could have bent over a low wall or object.

The revolver versus automatic: both leave their own distinct landmarks and striations something that should have been presented at trial

Alfred Moore’s rain coat pockets: no gun oil, no gun rust, no traces of powder … yet the prosecution claimed he carried a gun in his pocket!

The weather Joan Horne stated that there was soaking rain on July 14, 1951. However, Moore’s coat/clothes were bone dry.

The hair on the rain coat: Was it similar to Officer Fraser? How was that determined? What does it tell us? Could that hair have been deposited while carrying the evidence around? How significant would such a hair be to decide someone’s guilt?

The search of Moore’s room on July 14 at 515am by Sadler & Hopping: no ammunition was found. Then the room was searched again at 445pm by Garnett. Surprise: he did find ammunition. Moreover, he only told his superiors about this on July 17 after the autopsies had been done and it was determined that the wounds were caused by 9mm ammunition. This looks like the surprise cartridge found that was used against Arthur Allen Thomas who was accused of murdering the Crewe Family.

We discussed a lot more. If you wish to read our tweets, search for #crimechat” on Twitter. Read more about the Moore case here.

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