Margaret Lightfoot: more details

Margaret LightfootThanks to a UK reader we have these two newspaper clippings about the 1975 cold case of Margaret Lightfoot. I posted about her here.

The clipping on the left is hard to read when I enlarge it. From these two clippings, I got the following details that I missed in my earlier post.

Cause of death: strangulation with an object, her dog’s leash.

margaret lightfoot paper smallMargaret’s nude body was found by a police dog close to her house in a thicket among undergrowth.

At that spot, several women had reported seeing a man streaking.

Authorities think that Margaret was killed after she was punched in the face, stripped of her clothes, and sexually assaulted.

According to the papers, Margaret worked with local charities and went out of her way to help others.

With architect husband Roy, she had two adult daughters.

As per my earlier post, a new detective team found a very detailed report from 1975 written by the officer in charge. They also found exhibits e.g. pieces of evidence.

According to acting Detective Inspector Susan Stansfield, an officer from the Metropolitan Police’s cold case unit, all these items need to be re-examined with modern technology. DNA and especially touch DNA can shed a new light on this case.

Margaret’s Wellington boots were found underneath her body. The heels would be a superb place to check for touch DNA.

I still wonder about her clothes. Were they ever found?

In Margaret’s case we need to wait for a technique to look at her rubber boots as they were previously treated to search for fingerprints. Is this a lost cause due to contamination?

Again, gratitude goes to M for sending me these newspaper articles.

If you have any information please contact the UK Officers at 020 7230 4294, via 101 or @MetCC or you can contact CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Rest in peace, Margaret Lightfoot.