Kylie Maybury: DNA evidence

Kylie Maria Antonia Maybury/Herald Sun

Kylie Maria Antonia Maybury/Herald Sun

The case Kylie Maybury is finally making progress: DNA confirmed that the semen found in this six-year-old little girl belongs to Gregory Keith Davies.

Kylie Maria Antonia Maybury (October 24, 1978 – Nov 6, 1984) died of asphyxiation/suffocation (depriving of oxygen by obstructing the airways for example by choking or by pushing a pillow over someone’s nose and mouth, etc.) while she was raped. Her body was later found dropped off into the gutter.

From the Herald Sun: “Police knew a car matching Davies’ 1979 Holden HQ station wagon was seen in the area at the time, and he was quizzed by detectives investigating the snatch-and-grab murder but he said he had nothing to do with little Kylie, claiming he had spent the day of her disappearance at a Melbourne Cup party and getting his mother and brother to back his story.

On April 8 last year, detectives again visited Davies at his home Waterford Park, this time requesting a DNA sample. He agreed. The results were damning. 

“His DNA profile was found to match the profile extracted …. with a probability of 100 billion to one,” a police summary released yesterday by a magistrate notes.”

Davies pled guilty yesterday. As soon as I find more information, I will update this post.

Rest in peace, Kylie Maria Antonia Maybury.