Interesting details in the Amy Mihaljevic case

Amy Mihaljevic

Amy Mihaljevic

Interesting details in the Amy Mihaljevic case found after reading the post on the AISOCC’s blog. The case details in that post made me search online for more details and I found a few that are interesting. Maybe they have been addressed in other articles that I did not see. If so, let me know.

1: the AISOCC post mentioned that Amy’s remains were missing shoes and earrings.

On Wikipedia, I found this: It appears her killer also took several souvenirs including the girl’s horse-riding boots, her denim backpack, a binder with “Buick, Best in Class” written on the front clasp, and turquoise earrings in the shape of horse heads.

The source for that information is a series of articles about Amy published in the Cleve Scene Online.

2: Contrary to statements made by a retired FBI spokesman (referenced here) about Amy’s stomach content, the material in her stomach has never been completely identified. It apparently looked like meat protein of some kind (not necessarily vegetarian) and cheese.

Amy’s school lunch menu for that day offered corn dogs and pizza. The source for this information comes from this blog Finding Amy’s Killer from James W. Renner.

3: Renner states on the same blog that “blood believed to be that of Mihaljevic was found in her underwear, indicating she may have been raped or sexually abused. Material that may contain the killer’s DNA was collected at the scene.”

I hope that the investigating authorities will consider using the M-Vac to search Amy’s clothing for touch DNA.

4: Wikipedia states that “In November 2006 it was revealed that several other young girls had received phone calls similar to that to which Amy responded, during the weeks prior to Amy’s abduction in 1989. These comprised requests from an unknown man, claiming to work with their mother, asking the girl to help him shop for a present to celebrate her mother’s job promotion. The girls who received these calls lived in North Olmsted, a suburb near Bay Village; some had unlisted phone numbers. This new information was considered significant by new movement on the case.”

I read here that: “A few people have come forward after reading the book. Renner was in Ashland County last week following up on information from women who were Amy”s age, lived nearby in North Olmsted and also received phone calls from a man claiming to work with their mothers.

The girls went on overnight outings with their class to a church camp near Mohican State Park. Classes from Bay Village were known to go there as well.

“Amy died before she got to go there with her school, but she had been to Mohican State Park to camp with her family the summer before she was abducted,” Renner said. “It”s just an interesting connection these girls share.” That is a most interesting connection indeed!

5: Author James Renner will discuss Amy’s case this coming Mother’s Day on Reddit, details here.

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If you have any further information about Amy’s case please contact the FBI at 1‐800‐CALL‐FBI or email retired FBI agent [email protected]