How to find a cold case on my blog

sum it upThere are several ways to find a cold case on my blog:

1:  the tab “cold case database” in the green menu bar sends you to my database. There you can find a cold case by the victim’s or the wrongfully convicted person’s last name. There are more than 210 cases listed there.

2: you can find a cold case by entering a keyword in the search box in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

3: use the category drop down menu in the left margin to search by category or,

4: use the archives tab to find information by category, month, year or, to scan the 50 most recent posts.

If the case you are looking for is not in my database it means that I have not discussed it (yet) on my blog. For more information about my blog I refer you to the “about” tab.

Thank you for reading,