Neosho Grace Doe facial reconstruction

Neosho Grace Doe

Neosho Grace Doe

We are finally able to see the face of the lady known as Neosho Grace Doe. Please take a look and see whether you recognize her.

Police believe Neosho Grace Doe was killed more than a month before her remains were discovered and that it had probably happened on Halloween night, 1990.

A witness reported nearly 20 years after the fact that on the evening of Oct. 31, 1990, she and some other youths at the time were just up the road from where Grace’s body was eventually found when they heard a woman scream and then a noisy pickup truck drive off.

There were never any suspects in the case and Grace has never been identified.

Neosho Grace Doe We now have a facial reconstruction and hopefully Neosho Grace Doe will be identified soon. “Working off a CT scan performed by Freeman Neosho Hospital on Grace’s skull, Montreal-based forensic artist Victoria Lywood has reconstructed what the dead woman probably looked like, even down to the jean jacket she was wearing when her body was discovered more than 20 years ago.”

If you recognize Grace, please contact Detective Lorie Howard at 417-223-7430.

Case: Grace’s skeletal remains were found on Dec. 2, 1990, in a weeded area near an abandoned farmhouse on Oscar Talley Road, east of Lanagan, in McDonald County. Det. Howard found out that a 10-year-old boy had actually found Grace’s body about month before she was “officially” discovered by a couple picking up cans along the road. By that time, the body was already decomposed to a large extent and wild animals had gotten to it as well. A month earlier, it would have been mostly intact, however, as Grace is thought to have been murdered on Halloween night, based on the report of a witness who said she heard a woman scream and then a noisy pickup truck drove by.