DCC wins in the ABA Top 100 Blawgs for 2014

2014BLAWG100_CJ WINNERDCC wins in the ABA Top 100 Blawgs for 2014  in the category criminal justice for the second year in a row.

Thank you for placing victims first!

It is wonderful to see the support you give to victim family members by placing their loved ones in the spotlights.

And that is exactly what this award means to me. It is a nod, from you, that you agree. We cannot give up on old cold cases.

Thank you to everyone who voted. I appreciate it very much.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blogs, who shares, retweets, or likes my posts. You rock. Thanks to your online activities the posts show up in news feeds from new people with new connections who have different networks. I get emails all the time from people who were alerted to a case because someone forwarded information and it showed up on their social media accounts.

Thank you! What an amazing way to start 2015.

Please visit the blogs from all the other winners and congratulate them in their comment boxes or through their contact pages. If you click here then you can see the vote count from all the blogs as well. Just click on a category and it will open with the vote count visible.

Congratulations to Top Class Actions, Divorce Disclosure, In Custodia Legis, the Velvet Hammer, the Legal Genealogist, the California Peculiarities Employment Law Blog, Lowering the Bar, the Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof BlogTrademarkology, Best Practices for Legal Education, Popehat, and Electronic Discovery Law!

I wish everyone a terrific New Year in good health, with lots of laughter, and a fabulous time blogging.



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