See you at CrimeCon2017!

CrimeCon2017Get psyched for the first national convention for true crime fans. In June 2017, this convention brings together true crime fans, content creators, and experts all in one space. Can you already smell the opportunities for mischief?

One unforgettable weekend (if you survive, of course) we will talk about cold cases, motives, exchange experiences, and network.

Where: JW Marriott in Indianapolis, Indiana
When: June 9-11, 2017
Who will be there: the first round of guests will be announced in a few short weeks – but the lineup will include a number of lawyers, investigators, podcasters, writers, bloggers, etc. *Spoiler alert – I’m one of them!*

Who should attend: all those who binge watched Making a Murderer and Dateline episodes! CrimeCon2017 transports you from your couch to the crime scene and into the court room.  It will be fun, it will be educational, and hopefully this will be the first of many CrimeCons!

The schedule is not final yet but here is a brief description of some of the things you can expect at CrimeCon2017:

  • Eyewitness Testimony:  Eyewitness testimony is a huge and vital part of our criminal justice system. What happens when a violent crime happens right in front of you and the cops need your help to find the suspect? Can you accurately describe what you saw? Can you explain it to a sketch artist? Can you identify the perp in a lineup? This experience will put you in the hot-seat of witnessing a crime and expose you to the difficult reality of correctly identifying suspects and key details of the crime. As you know, eyewitness identification is one of the leading factors of wrongful convictions. Now you get the chance to see how difficult it really is and why it is so easy to make mistakes.
  • Lead Investigator: Do you ever watch a true crime show and think you can solve the case? Now here is your chance to find out just how good you are. Imagine that you are the first cop on the scene of a grisly murder. The body is warm, the dog is barking, the smell of gunpowder still lingers in the air. Can you piece together the clues and figure out who did it without contaminating the evidence? Can you keep the overview, can you reconstruct movements, and can you keep the crime scene intact?

CrimeCon2017 will be hosting a number of cold case discussions that bring in detectives, lawyers, and others directly involved with the cases. You can witness how a crime scene is analyzed, and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a psychic detective. Hear from the writers and producers who present these stories to you in your favorite books and shows!

Costs: discounted early bird tickets are offered online to everyone who registers by September 30 BUT since I am one of the content creators, I’m offering a discount to all of my blog readers. Use code “dcc0816” for an extra 10% off of your registration!

CrimeCon partnered with the JW Marriott to offer an exclusive reduced rate to all attendees and can be booked via their website. Note that the hotel reservation and cancellation policy is very generous. Also, to even further cut your costs consider sharing a room by booking a double queen room.

You should definitely stay at this hotel so you can take part in all the activities booked throughout the weekend. One of the main reasons is that CrimeCon2017 includes a weekend-long true crime mystery game. Only those who stay at the JW Indy (or who live within 50 miles of the event) will be eligible to participate in the game as it involves clues distributed via your hotel room at the JW. But the real reason to stay there of course is because that’s where I, along with most of the other guests, will be for the weekend.

I hope to see many of my blog readers there. When you book do not forget your special discount by using the coupon code “dcc0816” for an extra 10% off of your registration! And, if you book and register drop me a quick line. Time permitting we should have a DCC brainstorming round of exchanging tips, case suggestions, mischief, and more.

See you at CrimeCon2017!