CrimeCon June 9-11, Indianapolis

CrimeCon/Alice de Sturler 2017The inaugural CrimeCon is just days away. There are many demonstrations, meet & greet sessions, and panels scheduled. It will be a great opportunity to learn. Most importantly, we get the opportunity to introduce our cold cases to new eyes and ears.

I will be talking to podcasters, media, authors, and others. The buzz is that there will be lots of live-tweeting and podcasting.

The schedule is packed. I look forward to the FBI Diving Team and the sessions on blood spatter and crime scene reconstructions. Favourites so far are the search & rescue dogs. There are also plans to visit the catacombs right below downtown Indianapolis.

For this inaugural true crime conference, I was asked to be on the “Citizen Detective” panel. The goal is to explain the role of a cold case blogger in the field of unsolved homicides.

Citizen Detective Panel

Moderated by the hosts of Thinking Sideways, this panel will go over the complexities of the modern-day “citizen detective.” We will explore the difficulties of being a “citizen detective,” what their role is or should be, and the important impact anyone can have on cold cases.

With me on the panel are Tricia Griffith, the owner of Websleuths, and Cathy Scott, a veteran journalist and blogger for Psychology Today, and author of “The Crime Book” and Los Angeles Times bestseller “The Killing of Tupac Shakur.”

We know that not everyone can attend CrimeCon. That is why we would like to give the true crime community the option to submit questions or case suggestions. The moderators will ask as many questions as possible during the panel session and reply afterward. If we are unable to discuss all the questions during the panel, we will try to organize a follow-up session where our panelists will answer those questions.

When she heard she could ask me questions, the mysterious CrimeCon blogger (identified only as “CrimeCon Insider”) asked me for a short interview. You can find that here.

How to submit your questions/case suggestions

There are several ways to reach us:

I will check for questions till right before the panel on Sunday June 11th. Planned is a blog post about the CrimeCon experience and I’ll try to include all questions that we missed.

Wish me luck!