Black Beast by R.S. Guthrie

Black Beast by R.S. Guthrie. Now that I have an eReader, it is easier than ever to get my hands instantly on books that I see promoted in my Twitter stream. Rob Guthrie and I have been tweeting for a while but I never read any of his books. I knew about his project “Read a book, make a difference” project, ” a tribute to his little boy Brody who passed away after only two months. It was time to read one of his books.

“Black Beast” is a unique mixture of story lines that could all easily stand alone. It is the story of cops and their struggle to live a normal life as well as they can without bringing their work home. It is the story of family heritage knowing that if you dig in that you might find out something you wished you never knew. It is the story of believing in powers we cannot see but we know that they are ever present. Last, it is the story of grief and how the death of a beloved rips the family apart without any member actively wishing for that to happen but, they all seem powerless to stop it.

Rob states on the cover that “Black Beast” is Volume One in the Clan of MacAuley novels. I hope that in further volumes we get to see more of the diary, the artifacts, and the family lineage. I am not going to tell you anything about the book other than that it kept me up last night because I needed to know how it would end! The book reminded me of the movie “Fallen” with Denzel Washington so if you liked that …

One note: the e-version on Nook has some formatting issues with changing font sizes. However, that is a simple clean up and after that, the book looks more than great! Read it!