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Interesting find re Sharron Prior

Interesting find re Sharron Prior. While surfing the web I found this in the Canadian cold case of Sharron Prior: “The newspaper reports from that time all reported Sharron was found in a field. There may have been a field in the back of where she was found, but she was actually found in a small alcove […]

Prep for #cclivechat March 30, 2012 with Peter Mullen

We have a very special #cclivechat this coming Friday. Peter Mullen will be our guest. Peter will discuss postmortem toxicology and pharmacokinetics with us. Peter was a tenured member of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Manchester prior to establishing Kemic Bio-research. He wrote down a few introductory statements to set the scene for […]

New pictures from Teresa Sue Hilt

These photographs are courtesy of Teresa‘s mom who hopes that one day we will have answers. Please visit the memorial page for Teresa Sue Hilt on Facebook maintained by a friend. It is filled with memories from old friends and pieces of newspaper clippings. “Tess” was found on August 4, 1973, face down on her bed under […]

Recap #CClivechat March 23, 2012

Our topic for today’s #ccLiveChat was bullying and our guest was none other than Ian Rivers! I can honestly say that this was one of my most favourite chats. Fortunate for me, Ian agreed to come back for more chats because I still have many issues I wish to bring to the table! After Ian […]

The 1973 cold case of Teresa Sue Hilt

This is what came in after today’s #cclivechat. Let’s see if we can collect more newspaper articles and shed a light on Teresa Sue Hilt’s case.   Teresa Sue Hilt was found murdered on August 4, 1973. She had been beaten, raped, and was strangled to death. Her remains were found in her off campus […]

#CClivechat recap March 16, 2012

In today’s #CCLiveChat we paid attention to two cases. Both involved young women who were brutally slain. Both cases came to me via email and I thank those who have alerted me to them. You know who you are. Case #1 Dana Lanell Stidham, found murdered in 1989 in Arkansas. Some links for this case: […]

Marc Randazza would support me, right?

Marc Randazza would support me, right? This morning, I read an article written by the attorney Marc Randazza for CNN and it hit home. I quote: “The First Amendment requires neither tact nor politeness. It requires that we permit all views to set up stalls in the marketplace of ideas, and we let that marketplace decide which ideas […]

Trial for Keith Combs and Eugene Ellis

The long awaited trial in the cases of Keith Combs and Eugene Ellis has started. “Edward Jesus Elias and Leopoldo Castro Chavez II, both 36, are each charged with two counts of murder in the Sept. 25, 1993, deaths of 20-year-old Eugene “Cliff” Ellis and 23-year-old Keith Combs. The victims were stationed aboard the aircraft […]