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Chris Birt on the Crewe Murders

In the magazine “North & South,” Chris Birt makes a  strong case for an in-depth review of Len and Norma Thomas Demler’s involvement in the case. Note that Norma is not related to Arthur Allan Thomas. Strong ties have existed between the Demler and Thomas family for some time. The siblings in the family married each […]

“Who Killed Betsy?” by Derek Sherwood

“Who Killed Betsy?” by Derek Sherwood. Derek and I have been in touch for a while now to discuss the Betsy Aardsma case. No murder weapon was ever found, no defensive wounds on Aardsma, taunting letters and shrines but no biological materials to be tested for DNA and, no leads. Despite not having time to read his […]

Jon Ronson: “the Psychopath Test”

Jon Ronson: “the Psychopath Test” is a journey through the madness industry. I just finished reading this book and to be frank, I am confused! Is this book great or weird? I like the writing style but do I like what was written? Ronson describes his quest to research psychopaths and takes the reader on a […]

Vidocq presents the Purple Smurf!

The only Purple Smurf on Twitter. She is interested in Criminal/Immigration/Contract/Sports Law and Intellectual Property. She volunteers, a business women in the making, and is a member of the Labour party. She blogs and hopes that one day she qualifies as a solicitor in the UK. 1) What is your most favourite part of the day? […]

Update on Adam

We have a tentative identification on Adam, the name given to the boy’s torso found in the Thames, UK. “A boy of six whose torso was found mutilated in the Thames has been identified  ten years later. The tragic lad has been named as Ikpomwosa, from Nigeria, and a picture of  him  was released. Detectives believe […]

“Who Killed Betsy” by Derek Sherwood

“Who Killed Betsy” by Derek Sherwood is about the Betsy Aardsma case. Derek Sherwood has worked hard to collect all the available information and to add his thoughts about this case. He generously agreed to make an excerpt available for DCC’s readers from the chapter entitled “As Time Goes By” from his book. “In the years […]

Guest post: David V. Neily

Guest post: David V. Neily. A case overview by Sue Carney David Neily at his daughter’s wedding, July 2005 “Love has no boundaries of time or space. It survives forever without nourishment or encouragement to flow forth as the pure water from the blossom of the Earth’s Heart.” David Neily This poem was written by David […]