10Qs for Paul LaRosa

Paul LaRosa

Paul LaRosa

10Qs for Paul LaRosa. Paul is an award-winning journalist who has worked in print and television journalism for more than 30 years. We met on Twitter discussing the case of Catherine Woods. Paul wrote a book about that case.

Paul Cortez, convicted for Catherine’s murder, claimed that his former defense team mishandled forensic evidence used to convict him. He claimed that a bloody hand print found near Woods’ body at the scene on Nov. 27, 2005 does not incriminate him. Paul is appealing his conviction.

If Paul is not writing, producing or, blogging he is cooking! For DCC, he whipped up these answers.


1: Are your books a continuous story such as Harry Potter or, are they stand alone books featuring the same characters? Do any story elements continue in another book?

Since my books are mainly non-fiction crime books, no, they do not have recurring characters. My fifth book is a memoir.

2: Lately a lot of prequels have popped up on both the book and movie market. Have you ever considered writing one?


3: Have you ever considered writing a teen book?

Actually, I have an idea for a teen book about a female ghost who lives in New York.

4: When you start your research for a book, do you use pen & paper to jot down thoughts or do you use a computer?

I mostly use a computer but I do take some notes by hand.

5: Do you have any specific writing rituals?

Yes, when I write I like to listen to new age music, the kind you might hear when you’re getting a massage or doing yoga. It relaxes me. I never listen to music with lyrics when I write; it’s just too distracting.

6: Movies based on a book can be great to visualize the story but they can also be a disappointment. What movie based on a book disappointed you?

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was a great book but movie was poorly made even though Clint Eastwood was the director. It needed someone edgier, like Gus Van Sant.

7: Have you ever used characteristics from someone you know in one of your books?

Writing fiction, absolutely but I can change their personalities to make them more likable…or not!

8: What inspires you most to write? Breaking news? Nature? People? History?

I’m fascinated by people and the way they behave, the things they do. People never disappoint; they always say things you could never make up.

9: What was your favourite subject in school?

Reading and writing, go figure.

10: A billionaire gives you a million dollars on the condition that you may spend it but not gain any assets (like Richard Pryor’s movie “Brewster’s Millions”). How will you spend your million?

Traveling around the United States and giving some of the money to people who need it. A million dollars would not be nearly enough.