10Qs for Linda Poitevin

Linda Poitevin

Linda Poitevin

10Qs for Linda Poitevin, the author of the Grigori Legacy. Linda guest blogged on DCC about blog tours. If you ever plan one, please read her posts first (part 1 is here and part 2 is here). They are filled with tips!

Despite being busy, Linda found time for 10 questions.


1: Are your books a continuous story such as Harry Potter or, are they stand alone books featuring the same characters? Do any story elements continue in another book?

The Grigori Legacy books are a continuous story. I’ve tried my best to make each book stand alone for those readers who come into the storyline part way through, but if someone asks, I always recommend they begin at the beginning.

2: Lately a lot of prequels have popped up on both the book and movie market. Have you ever considered writing one?

Not as a book, no. I do have a short prequel up on my website as a free read, however (An Archangel’s Defiance) and another planned as an exclusive for subscribers to my newsletter…in my spare time. J

3: Have you ever considered writing a teen book?

Actually, yes. I love reading YA novels and would like to take on the challenge of writing one…but with one book to go in the Grigori series and an idea for another series already brewing, it could be a while.

4: When you start your research for a book, do you use pen & paper to jot down thoughts or do you use a computer?

Computer all the way … mostly because it’s harder to lose the computer than it is my handwritten notes *sigh*. Now if I could just remember to bookmark the pages I find so I didn’t have to spend hours (and hours) searching for something I’m sure I read somewhere 

5: Do you have any specific writing rituals?

I have a specific routine (up at 5:30, feed the animals, walk the dog, at my desk by 7:00), but not a ritual, no. I do write better when I’m listening to music, however, so I’ve built an extensive playlist of inspiring music (Apolcalyptica, Metallica, Imagine Dragons, Five-Fingered Death Punch, Sick Puppies, Cold Play, Linkin Park, and soooo many more). Music is definitely essential to my muse.

6: Movies based on a book can be great to visualize the story but they can also be a disappointment. What movie based on a book disappointed you?

The Hollywood version of Pride and Prejudice. The BBC got it right with their six-part series. Hollywood…not so much.

7: Have you ever used characteristics from someone you know in one of your books?

Not consciously, no. But I have to admit that Alexandra’s spirit greatly resembles that of my husband’s former partner. 😉

8: What inspires you most to write? Breaking news? Nature? People? History?

Song titles and lyrics, believe it or not. I’ll be listening to a song and a certain phrase will catch my attention, and I’ll think “ooh…that would make a great title for a story!” and then start imagining what that story might be. In fact, Sins of the Angels was inspired by the song “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan. Specifically, the line “safe in the arms of the angels” made me think “but what if you didn’t find safety there? What if you found something else entirely? What if…”

And now we have an entire series! J

9: What was your favourite subject in school?

Hm. That would probably depend on the year and the teacher. English was a favorite with a couple of teachers and a complete washout with others; the same for social studies and science subjects. If we’re talking least favorite, however, that would be math…hands-down, every year. 😉

10: A billionaire gives you a million dollars on the condition that you may spend it but not gain assets (like in the Richard Pryor movie “Brewster’s Millions”). How will you spend your million?

I’d give a good portion of it away to my kids, donate another chunk, and then travel. Lots of travel. I’ve never been outside Canada—scratch that, I’ve been to Washington, D.C. and Albany, NY, lol—and I would really love to get to know the world in which we live!