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1983 cold case of Louise Bell re-opened

Police in Adelaide, South Australia, have announced that the 1983 case of Louise Bell has been re-opened. “The unthinkable had happened — a little girl was abducted from her bedroom in a quiet, friendly neighbourhood, never to be seen again.” Police have re-submitted evidence for DNA testing to see whether it can be linked to a […]

Recap #CCLiveChat October 7, 2011

A dazzling CCLiveChat in rapid pace but not without some tech glitches here and there. Our Evie feel off the charts no matter how hard Sue tried to prevent that. Joe opened the chat by pointing to the need for crime scene management in the Knox case for evidence collection and preservation and in the […]

Sum it Up #35

In this Sum it Up: in the past two weeks, I read a lot of news articles, book reviews, and watched via live feeds the trials of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito in Perugia, Italy, and of course, the Dr. C. Murray trial in the death of Michael Jackson. If it hadn’t been for the […]

Do you recognize this unidentified child?

On Oct. 2, 1979 the remains of an unidentified boy were found in a shallow grave on the side of Glendora Mountain Road. He was either white or Latino, with straight dark brown hair, between 3-8 years old, 3 feet 8 inches tall, and between 35-45 pounds. Detectives suspect foul play. Craig Harvey, a spokesperson […]