Zeigler, through Vidster’s eyes

“Zeigler, through Vidster’s eyes” is the title of my very first eBook, a compilation of blog posts in the case of William Thomas Zeigler, has reached the market. It is published with Nook Pubit from Barnes & Noble and can be found here in their catalogue. It already has two ratings but only one explained why they gave it some stars.

The reactions on Twitter are very good. I get questions about the Zeigler case. Many scientist have wondered why the state resists DNA testing knowing that some of the victims are blood related AND that some of the non-blood related victims have the same blood type.

Good questions!

Ironically, it seems that for now the most concern for Mr. Zeigler comes from the good folks in the UK and Australia. Makes you wonder.

The Case

In Dec 1975, a quadruple murder took place in the Zeigler Furniture Store (Florida). The victims were Charles Mays, Virginia and Perry Edwards, and Eunice Edwards-Zeigler. The fifth victim became the sole suspect because he survived.

The case is riddled by police misconduct (lying on the stand), prosecutorial misconduct (withheld evidence), and forensic testing disproving the charges.


A last note about the eBook, publishing it was not done for my resume but to introduce the case to the fastest growing community: the eBook community! Also, I wish to reach those people who do not (yet) read blogs. Hopefully I will achieve both and with that, give Mr. Zeigler’s case even more momentum.


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