Who killed Joseph Ralph Flores?

Joseph Ralph Flores

Joseph Ralph Flores/courtesy of the Flores Family

Joseph Ralph Flores (Dec 30, 1960 – March 3, 1990) was shot to death on March 3, 1990 at the Circle K in El Cerrito, Riverside County, California.

Joseph was found around 220am lying in the parking lot of the store that is located at 19570 Temescal Canyon Road, El Cerrito. He had gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen. He was just 29 years old.

The paramedics tried to save him but had to pronounce him dead at the scene at 240am.

There is nothing online about this case. I do not know what caliber gun was used, whether the shots came from a distance or from up close, exactly how many shots there were or, if they all came from the same weapon.

Was he hit in the general chest area or specifically in the heart area? Did he die slowly of internal organ bleeding or was he killed instantly?

I don’t even have the exact time of death. He was found around 220am but that doesn’t mean he was shot shortly before.

courtesy of the Flores Family

courtesy of the Flores Family

Didn’t anyone hear anything? How busy is it in the early morning hours at that parking lot? Any reports or complaints about noise or cars backfiring from people who live in the neighbourhood? Was this store frequently robbed? Any robberies right before and after Joseph died?

The Flores Family sent me this saved newspaper clipping: the authorities did not have a motive and they did not have any suspects.

How busy is it at that store after midnight? Did that store have security cameras? Any other stores nearby with surveillance systems such as banks, ATM machines, or gas stations?

Circle K is a convenience store and open 24/7. It still exists, just search online. It is between Minnesota Rd and E Ontario Ave/El Cerrito Rd. According to the reviews online they do have a gas station however, that may not have been there in 1990.

courtesy of the Flores Family

courtesy of the Flores Family

The family is still wondering what happened to their beloved brother, husband, son, and uncle who was known as Tiger.

I am still gathering information and will update the case as soon as I circle back to it. All I can do for now is get the word out: this case is unsolved.

If you have any information that can help the authorities solve this case please contact the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Cold Case Team at 951-955-2777. You can also use their tip sheet online. Joseph’s case file number is #E90062024. Thank you for remembering Joseph Ralph Flores with us.