Progress in some cold cases

leaning angelWe have seen some real progress lately in unsolved homicides. Some of our missing have been found, trials in decade old cold cases are ongoing, and forensic science is facilitating the progress that law enforcement is making in solving cold cases. The more we read about this the better the chances that other cold cases will also get a break.

All cold cases must be solved but as you may understand, a few really get to you. Here are mine with some thoughts about that case:

Karen Caughlin: there are pieces of evidence that have not been tested. A car that might hold some answers is just sitting somewhere outside instead of in a lab. People were cleared but nobody knows why. A certain suspect died but there are no details. Why?

Jeanette & Harvey Crewe: the hidden true sequence of finding Harvey’s body, the spectacular find of a bullet, and the feeding of Rochelle, would a stranger really have gone through the trouble of caring for the infant?

Hawley Harvey Crippen: DNA proved that this man was hanged for a murder he did not commit. Yet it does not seem to matter. No posthumous clearing will ever happen.

Teresa Sue Hilt: Teresa had no Internet presence at all and with a little effort, she’s back on the front pages. It just shows what we can achieve if we network and collaborate. Tess’ killer spent quite some time inside the apartment. Someone must have seen or noticed something.

Betty Gene Hull: this lady was the embodiment of goodness. She gave away money, allowed people to use her address, and donated what she had. But when Betty Gene Hull finally spoke up to stop people from abusing her generosity and hospitality, she was murdered.

Bernice Martin: Bernice was not murdered by Richard Lapointe. There were too many gaps in that story. But who did kill her and when will we ever get the timeline right?


Brenda Martinez with little Stephanie

Brenda Martinez: a young mother ends up dead and nobody knows what happens. Cause of death is not made public but her case is labelled a homicide. Brenda left behind a gorgeous daughter who still wonders why her mom did not come home that night.

Gregory McRoberts: a hit-and-run followed up by a two-page letter … the author wrote that they wished they had turned themselves in. Well, it is never too late!

Robert Lawrence Tatman: the solution to his case lies inside the city. I think a previous argument flared up again that night in 1967. And how is it possible that his gun went missing?

Kimberly Ann Thompson: Kim had a new path planned that would have taken her life in another direction. She would have made it if she had been able to keep that one last appointment. But someone stopped her.

Which cold cases are of particular interest to you?


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