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Willeke Dost

Willeke Dost

Thanks to Jacques and others in the Netherlands, we have a translation in English from a clip shown in the Netherlands about the Willeke Dost case. Some scenes are reconstructions but the people who speak in front of the camera, are all related to Willeke Dost

Jacques put together a brief overview of the people shown in the clip and the gist of their statements:

After an introduction by the TV host you will see in this order: Willeke’s niece who explains the fatal car accident from Willeke Dost’s parents, Christmas 1976.

Willeke’s grandmother who explains that Child Protective Services thought she was too old to care for Willeke so they removed Willeke from her grandparents’ home September 18, but I did not catch the year. The grandmother also explains she went to court to fight that decision but obviously lost.

Then it says Willeke grew up in many foster homes. In 1986, she is placed with the foster family Mulder, who have one daughter and two sons. 

Willeke Dost

Herna and Piet Mulder, the foster parents of Willeke Dost

In 1992, Willeke disappears with a few pieces of clothing and a picture of her mother. Then you see the foster parents Herna and Piet. The foster father has passed away.

After that, Willeke’s best friend Geke speaks briefly. Then Geke’s mother. More about her later. Willeke tells Geke’s sister that she is pregnant. Could that be a motive to run away? Her foster father says no, she was not pregnant, and then Geke’s mom questions how he knew that. Willeke’s grandmother then states she does not trust that foster family.

Then Geke’s mother talks about the secret pregnancy and that Willeke has said she felt watched by her foster father and brothers whenever she showered, and that she was afraid of them. The foster father denies any fear and states Willeke was just telling a story to friends trying to be tough. Then letters are shown that Willeke wrote to Geke in which she writes about being afraid.

After another shot with the foster parents and the grandmother, the TV host tells about tips coming in. Willeke had run away, was seen all over Europe, married with children, etc. Another possibility was that she had committed suicide (pregnancy, unfulfilled love, etc) or that she had landed in the porn industry and some people claimed they recognized her on clips on the internet? Last, the possibility of murder because another murder happened in that area. 

The last person you see is an aunt who says she can see Willeke running away but that she was mistaken in someone. She seems to hint at running away to be with someone who then disappoints Willeke, but then the question remains: where is Willeke Dost?”

That is a good question, Jacques!