Update Stephen Miera

Stephen Miera‘s family has provided me with more details.

Stephen was the oldest child and only son of Stephen M. Miera Sr. and Carmen Baca Miera.  The Mieras also had five daughters: Rosaline Perea, Lucille Miera (married to a man with the same last name), Edna O’Loughlin, Patricia Young, and the youngest Antonia Light.

Antonia, the baby of the family, did not just see Stephen Miera as an older brother. Stephen was like a father to her. When Mr. Miera Sr. died, Antonia was only 9 years old.  Stephen stepped in and was both brother and father to his baby sister.

Interestingly, Mr. Miera Sr. also died as a result of violence – he was hit over the head with a tire iron by an unhappy customer at a gas station that he owned.  He developed traumatic epilepsy and died a few years later.

Stephen Miera’s address at the time of his death was 332 S. McCadden Pl., Los Angeles, CA  90020.  His business address (where the murder occurred) was 3940 W. Compton Blvd, Suite D, Lawndale, CA  90260. If you lived near or on those streets and remember any suspicious activity from that fateful weekend, please contact me.

Since Stephen studied at various universities, it would be interesting to hear from fellow students, student organizations, alumni organizations, etc., whether they remember Stephen. If you studied at either Creighton University (Omaha, NE), New Mexico State University (Las Cruses, New Mexico), or La Salle University (Philadelphia, PA), and remember Stephen, please contact me. Feel free to forward this post to your alumni organizations in case you are still in touch with your Alma mater.

Last, if anyone has newspaper clippings about Stephen’s murder and the following murder investigation, please contact me. I am trying to dig into this case and there is not much online in regards to newspaper articles. However, it is always possible that some of you who knew Stephen might have clipped and saved the newspaper articles. If so, please contact me.

The Meira family has suffered two traumatizing deaths of their loved ones. Antonia would like to know the truth about her brother’s death in her life time. Please help me provide her with answers.