Update Stephen Miera

Stephen Miera may have been forgotten by the media and the authorities but he is not forgotten by his family. His youngest sister, Antonia Light, emailed me some memories.

Antonia remembered that her mother had hired a detective to see what he could find out. She thinks that his last name was Stone. He gave Antonia’s mother a report but she never allowed her children to read it. In fact, she burned it at some point before her death in 1994.

Antonia also remembered that some of Stephen’s office furniture was returned to the family. The chairs had blood stains on them. Antonia said that if she had known then about DNA testing, she would have preserved the chairs instead of cleaning them so her mom wouldn’t see the stains. Antonia kept the chairs for a long time but then sold them at a garage sale. She didn’t want to remember the blood on the chairs anymore.

Antonia will be going through the house and her papers to see whether she or her mother ever made any notes, ever quoted something from the detective’s report in letters, diaries, or correspondence between the siblings, etc., in hopes we find something that will move this case along.

To be continued…