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Betty Gene Hull

Betty Gene Hull

Investigators will check if any materials found at the Betty Gene Hull crime scene can be tested with modern technology for touch DNA.

On Christmas Eve, Dec 24th, 1991, Mrs. Betty Gene Hull was found dead. She was 68 years old. When police arrived, it was immediately clear that whoever is responsible for her death was in a rage and the attack was personal. The attack may have started by knocking Mrs. Hull unconscious, possibly with a TV tray police found off its base and near the body. She had trauma to the head, mouth, and hands, and a bullet hole in her chest. But that is not all.

The autopsy revealed that Mrs. Hull had multiple stab wounds in her chest. The stabbing was so forceful, that her lungs were penetrated. Four ribs were broken on the left side of her chest, and five on the right side. We know the autopsy took place on Dec 31st, because an officer refers to it in a police report. However, the autopsy report itself is missing from the file.

Betty Gene Hull’s case remains unsolved. There are many gaps in people’s stories and timelines. People have clearly taken advantage of this senior citizen. However, nobody felt compelled to stop it. Neighbors told police that Mrs. Hull never seemed to be afraid of people ringing her door bell. She was a trusting older woman who wanted to help and do what is right.

If you have any information, please contact the Champaign Police Department at 217-315-4545.