Tribute to Michelle Wallace, Chris Steiner and Thad Philips

In 1974, Michelle Wallace disappeared initially without a trace. Click here to read how bit by bit, the case grew stronger only to go cold again. But with perseverance, Michelle’s murderer, Roy Allen Melanson, was arrested and sentenced to life.

Michelle Wallace (25) was a freelance photographer. She went to Colorado in 1974 to photograph the Rocky Mountains. On her way back to her car, Aug. 30, 1974, two men drove by. They stopped and asked if she needed a ride. She said no. Michelle later saw the two men with their car broken down. She offered them a ride. These men were Roy Melanson and Chuck Matthews. Matthews was dropped off.  Melanson wanted a ride to his car. Michelle was never seen again. Read more here.

Her case is tied to those of Chris Steiner and Thad Philips. They were tortured by 17-year-old Joe Clark. Clark, who liked to torture his victims, took Thad Philips home and broke many of the bones in his limbs. However, Clark mistakenly left Thad alone. The first time he tried to escape Thad got caught. But the second time he managed to reach the phone and dial 911. Clark was arrested and sentenced to life.

Chris Steiner‘body was found near the Pine Island Wildlife Refuge north of Portage on July 10, 1994, six days after his parents reported him missing.

Rest in peace Michelle Wallace, Chris Steiner and Thad Philips.